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 La Via di Paramahansa Yogananda
 I closed the book
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I closed the book, and my heart could not be calm for a long time. With a sigh, I was lamenting the camel prince's own self-reception and also lamenting the camel family's doting style of education. Since the author found this team of wild camels, He kept sighing, and began to follow up, and at the same time, he was also studying the cause of the extinction of wild camels in the Riquka Snow Mountain. According to records: In the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, there was a large animal migration along the foot of the Riquka mountain. From Qinghai to Yunnan, basically most animal populations are endangered, and only wild camels can go to Yunnan. Why is this? The endurance of wild donkeys is no less than that of wild camels; the speed of wild horses is beyond the reach of wild camels; Tibetan antelopes The alertness of non-wild camels can be compared; the adaptability of warthogs is amazing ... but they have gone all the way, reduced their staff, and haven't waited to enter Yunnan, they have almost died, but the wild camels have come all the way Yunnan, why is this?
Looking at the performance of this group of camels, the author finalized: it is because of their love that they focus on the baby camel, so that the baby camel survives and reproduces. The same is true for this group of wild camels tracked by the author [url=]Newport 100S[/url], and they love their little prince. But their love is too much, even to the point of doting, which is doomed to the failure of the camel prince's life. The camel prince has lived in the doting of the other four wild camels since he was a child [url=]Cheap Cigarettes[/url], no matter which wild camel regards it as himself Out, usually caring, loving, and reluctant to take a bit of hardship. But the camel prince grew up, this time it entered the youth rebellion period, it should be said that the wild camel group at this time should ruthlessly let the camel prince break away The population, no longer doting, but things go against expectations, the camel prince's temper is getting worse and worse, the more they dodged it. At first the camel prince did not accept it at all, but when one day, he accidentally encountered a big wolf. It should have kicked the wolf and kicked it away, because the camel prince was already an adult camel, and a grey wolf was not afraid. But it was disappointing that the camel prince did not do so, but Panic-stricken At this time, other camels came and heard that they should teach them how to deal with such wild wolves or stimulate them with radicals, but the end was not the case. Soon, the camels drove the wild wolves away and scrambled to appease them. The camel prince. The next day, the camel prince lost contact with the "beauty", lost the opportunity to further breed his offspring, and became a smaller and smaller camel. A camel growing up in doting will not do anything. Indeed, the last The wild camel, which belongs to the protected animal at the national level, has turned into a camel that was bought with money. The gap is incomparable, but it all stems from coddling. Let #65533;#65533;s talk about the camel first, let #65533;#65533;s talk about people first. Today's children are only children. One by one is a little princess and a little prince at home. They can't stand the wind and the sun, and their bodies are too expensive. They are like a doll, and they break when they are touched. You have great achievements, but you ca n#65533;#65533;t stand in this cannibal society [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url]. You do n#65533;#65533;t have connections, how do you protect yourself? You do n#65533;#65533;t have the courage, how can someone reuse them? You do n#65533;#65533;t have the resilience, how do you teach people to trust you? What is the use of IQ when you are free, and get coddled, the result will be In this dead sea.

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