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 New Broncos head coach Vic Fangio surprised
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Spedito - 12/08/2019 :  08:15:27  Mostra profilo  Visita l'homepage di chenyan94  Rispondi allegando il testo
the NFL world by deciding not to hire Gary Kubiak as his offensive coordinator Isaac Yiadom Jersey , and now Kubiak is looking for work elsewhere.Kubiak wants to be an offensive coordinator and the Jaguars are interested in bringing him in, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.The news that Kubiak was interested in becoming the Broncosí offensive coordinator came as a surprise because two years ago Kubiak resigned as the Broncosí head coach and said health issues made it impossible for him to do the job. But Kubiak apparently feels that heís up to the task of being an offensive coordinator again, as he previously was in both Denver and Baltimore.The Jaguars fired Nathaniel Hackett during the 2018 season and quarterbacks coach Scott Milanovich took over the job for the remainder of the season. Darrell Bevellís name has also emerged as a potential coordinator in Jacksonville. Who called it? WHOOOOOOO CALLED IT? Boom, Steelers lost. Then again, the Broncos lost too, so it was all for naught. Also, who has ultimately been proven right about Kirk (or is it Kurt) Cousins being a loser QB who will put up decent fantasy stats, but is completely incapable of winning games against winning teams? I want thrones of people to line up for the ďwe should have trusted you PeteĒ apologies. Regarding last week, Iím still struggling with what we witnessed. That was the Jets game all over again. We were out of it from the opening snap. Is that on the players or the coaches though? I think itís both, but ultimately the players have to play, and USUALLY the starters are starters for a reason, and the backups and backups to the backups arenít playing for a reason.People are bemoaning Vance Joseph, Bill Musgrave, and Joe Woods. But hereís the thing: They can only coach the players they have, and if the players they have arenít talented enough to run the gameplan, then they are doomed from the time they boarded the plane.I didnít see anything wrong with Musgraveís gameplan. I saw players who couldnít execute it (again, starters are starters for a reason, and backups arenít starters for a reason). I didnít see much wrong with Woodsí/VJís second half defense either. Holding a team to 20 SHOULD be enough. Now, I donít like not covering Kittle in the first half, but was that players not being good enough (physically and mentally)? I saw players who were confused and players who proved that they arenít starters being incapable of executing it.The thing is that the Broncos are loaded with talent, but thereís some talent that just isnít playing right now due to injury. Itís most noticeable in the most noticeable positions: WR and CB. I also warned about tempering expectations with how many rookies we were starting. Rookies are up and down and sometimes flat terrible. I liked what we saw from most of them, but all of them showed that they are still rookies.So lets temper the ďclean houseĒ mentality that is the easy low hanging fruit. We are playing games with the deck stacked against us because of key injuries at very thin positions. Now, Iím not using it as an excuse against the Niners, because they are equally injured as Denver. Iím simply saying that we need to temper the scorch the earth mentality that is popular right now. Iím still on the fence with our coaching staff. I want them gone because of production (the same as I wanted McDipsh*t gone because of production), but I want them to stay because they are going through growing pains, and I want the damn fruit of the growth instead of ripping out the tree. But then again, thatís hope, and Iím not sure hope is the best plan going forward. Plus, honestly, Vance Joseph still makes waaaaaay too many dumb mistakes. Heís either too stupid as a head coach, too scared, too ignorant, or a combination of all three. My fear is that itís a combo of all three, and if thatís the case, then he probably needs to go because you canít change those inherent flaws. Crap, I just talked myself into the ďfire VJĒ crowd. Then again, I think it was Von calling the coach out that pushed me over the edge.Last Week: 11-5Overall: 129-76-2Los Angeles Chargers (10-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (11-2) 6:20pm FOX/NFLN TNFThis is going to be a great game. The two best teams in the AFC in Arrowhead in December, and oh by the way, itís a divisional game so you know itíll be close! Both teams have injury concerns, so thatís a tossup even though I think the Chiefs are more vulnerable than the Chargers from that standpoint. Itíll take more Mahomes special sauce to pull this out unless the KC defense steps up big time. Iím just not sure if they can. Prediction: Chargers 34, Chiefs 37Houston Texans (9-4) at New York Jets (4-9) 2:30pm NFLN/CBS (if local) - SATURDAYAfter tasting their first defeat in 10 weeks, I anticipate them pouring it on the Jets. Sam Darnold is still up and down, i.e. ďa rookieĒ, so Iím not expecting much from him. Prediction: Texans 31, Jets 20Cleveland Browns (5-7-1) at Denver Broncos (6-7) 6:20pm NFLN/CBS (if local) - SATURDAYHereís my concern about this game: If we let Nick freaking Mullens destroy us, how in the hell are we going to rein in Baker Mayfield? The Broncos ONLY HOPE is that its in Denver, and in Denver, weíve shut down the Chiefs twice Womens Noah Fant Jersey , Rams, and Steelers. But thatís honestly our only hope. If we play down to the competition like we have a propensity to do, we will lose. Prediction: Browns 27, Broncos 24Arizona Cardinals (3-10) at Atlanta Falcons (4-9) 11:00am FOXThis should be easy for Atlanta, but then you remember that itís Atlanta and they just simply canít get out of their own way. Still though, they have a better offense than the Cardinals, who are just piss poor pathetic. Prediction: Cardinals 9, Falcons 20Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-8) at Baltimore Ravens (7-6) 11:00am FOXLamar Jackson is the starter for the remainder of the season. This may or may not mean Joe Flacco will be available for trade. But thatís talk for another day. The Bucs can score in bunches, but they can also have a drought in bunches. Plus, I just flat our trust Jackson more than Winston. Prediction: Bucs 23, Ravens 24Detroit Lions (5-8) at Buffalo Bills (4-9) 11:00am FOXWhy does the NFL hate us? Wait, this isnít a national game, so screw it. The only fans suffering through this game live in Detroit and Buffalo, and they are use to pain and suffering. Prediction: Lions 20, Bills 23Green Bay Packers (5-7-1) at Chicago Bears (9-4) 11:00am FOXOn paper this should be a great game. Two great QBs going head to head in a heated divisional rivalry. And this very well might live up to the paper hype. But will it? Is the ďboostĒ teams usually get when a head coach is fired worn off of the Packers? Will they crash back down to their 4 win self? Prediction: Packers 24, Bears 30Oakland Raiders (3-10) at Cincinnati Bengals (5-8) 11:00am CBSThe only thing worse than living in Cincinnati is living in Oakland. My goodness this game will be impossible to watch. For some reason, the Raiders keep trying, and every once in a while their talent shows itself. Then there are the Bengals who just appear to be in a death spiral. But itís in Cincy, so there is that. Prediction: Raiders 17, Bengals 20Dallas Cowboys (8-5) at Indianapolis Colts (7-6) 11:00am FOXAm I the only one who really doesnít give a crap about the Cowboys? Then again, the Colts just canít seem to pull it together for any stretch of time, as their record indicates. Still, I think the Cowboys are the hotter team, but Andrew Luck is a much better QB. Iím honestly torn on this game. I want to pick the Cowboys, but I just canít pull the trigger. Prediction: Cowboys 24, Colts 26Washington Redskins (6-7) at Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9) 11:00am CBSI think the Redskins will lose out. Then again, I think the Jags will too. Decisions decisions. Prediction: Redskins 9, Jaguars 15Miami Dolphins (7-6) at Minnesota Vikings (6-6-1) 11:00am CBSSo honestly, Cousins will lose, which means the Vikings will lose. The only real issue is that I think the Dolphins are a bad team thatís getting incredibly lucky. I know the Dolphins have a winning record, but I donít consider them a winning team. What to do? What to do? Perhaps the Vikings will have that ďcoach is firedĒ bump the way Green Bay and most teams do? Prediction: Dolphins 24, Vikings 27Tennessee Titans (7-6) at New York Giants (5-8) 11:00am CBSIím scratching my head at how the Giants have 5 victories. I mean, they damn near had the #1 overall pick locked up! Thereís no way to really sugar coat this game; itís going to be awful. But I think the Giants do just enough at home to squeak by and keep tanking their draft pick order, not their record. Prediction: Titans 20, Giants 21Seattle Seahawks (8-5) at San Francisco 49ers (3-10) 2:05pm FOXThis should be a laughable game in all honestly. It still pains me to see 3 wins for the Niners. Remember, Pete Carroll said Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay are the two most innovated and genius offensive minds in the game. I think the respect he has for them will show up in his film study and preparation to go against Kyleís team. Prediction: Seahawks 24, Niners 20New England Patriots (9-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5-1) 2:25pm CBSThis should be another really good and close game. Both teams lost last week and both teams have historically been great. I think the Steelers have the more talented team, but the Patriots (with respect to the very last play of the game last week) are the much better coached team. Belichick put the loss squarely on his shoulders and you could see it in his face and hear it in his voice that it wasnít coach speak. Heís pissed at himself. And a pissed off Belicheat is a scary thing. Prediction: Patriots 31, Steelers 27Philadelphia Eagles (6-7) at Los Angeles Rams (11-2) 6:20pm NBC SNFThe Eagles suck and the Rams donít. Carson Wentz likely wonít play this week or the remainder of the year because of his back, and Jared Goff has got to be pissed off and motivated. But hey, at least the Broncos enter this week and likely exit this week with the same record as the defending champs. Thereís pride in that, no? Yeah, I didnít think so. Lets see if our boy Aqib Talib has a better game now that he might be in better game shape. Prediction: Eagles 27, Rams 31New Orleans Saints (11-2) at Carolina Panthers (6-7) 6:15pm ESPN MNFThis game was suppose to be for the division, then the Panthers decided to go on a five game losing streak and completely destroy that notion. I believe the Saints have the division locked up, right? Does that mean theyíll ease up? Hell no! They are gunning for that #1 seed. Look for Drew Brees to have a good game and Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara to have great games. Prediction: Saints 36, Panthers 27
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