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 Aluminum Silicate Cement

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R E V I S I O N E     D E L L A     D I S C U S S I O N E
bosuxojupa Inviata - 20/02/2024 : 15:19:28


Product Name

JIANAI Aluminate Cement

Product Model



High Alumina Cement



Alumina Content


Production Process

Rotary Kiln


Degree of Fineness

Burnett's Specific Surface Area


Setting Time

Initial Setting Time


Final Setting Time


Flexural Strength Consummation

1 Day


3 Days


Strong Pressure Execute

1 Day


3 Days




Jianai? CA50-A600 is a aluminate cement under the brand of Jianai?. As a hydraulic binder, its alumina content is about 50 %.

Because CA phase is the main mineral phase of CA50-A600 aluminate cement, CA50-A600 aluminate cement not only has reasonable and stable hydration properties,but also has rapid strength development and excellent mechanical strength.

Jianai? CA50-A600 refractory cementstrictly follows GB 201-2000 standard.Its chemical composition and physical properties meet or even exceed national standards.

By optimizing the production process, CA50-A600 refractory cement is not only suitable for a variety of amorphous refractory construction methods (such as casting, spraying), and meet a variety of gating formula systems (e.g., traditional cement combined pouring (CC), medium cement combined pouring (MCC) and low cement combined castable (LCC) requirements for construction performance.

Jianai? CA50-A600 refractory cement does not contain any additives to ensure its adaptability and stability in terminal products.

● Chemical composition: according to GB/T 205-2008 (except total sulfur and chlorine);

● Specific surface area: GB/T 8074;

● fineness: according to GB/T 1345, use a sieve with a hole size of 0.045mm;

● Setting time: according to Appendix A in GB 201-2000;

● Strength: according to the modified provisions in GB/T 17671 and GB 201-2000.


Reference Information:

The following information is for reference only:

● Main mineral phase: CA*

● Secondary mineral phases: C12A7, C2AS, CT*

* C=CaO, A=Al2O3, S=SiO2, T=TiO2



1. This series of products adopt cement packing bags in accordance with GB9774 loading,each bag weighs 50 kg;

2. 2 ton on pallet with plastic film;
3. Other packing forms and single weight may be determined by the parties through negotiation.

Transportion & Storage:

In the process of transportation and storage of aluminate cement, special attention should be paid to moistureproof, so as not to affect the product performance;

Aluminate cement in the process of transportation, storage and use, to avoid other types of cement (such as Portland cement, etc.) and harmful impurities (such as Lime, etc.) contact;

As a hydraulic binder, the Jianai? CA50-A600 furnace cement must be stored in a dry environment and removed from contact with the ground. A lot of customer experience has shown that in good storage conditions, the Jianai? CA50-A600 furnace cement can ensure its performance does not degrade for at least 3 months;

In the process of using aluminate cement, the mixing water should be pure, so as to avoid the possible harmful impurities affecting the product performance.


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